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    Valentine’s day in Amsterdam

    31 January 2018


    Top 3 Restaurants

    - Wine, dine and live music. That’s the cosy atmosphere of the Pompstation. They serve a special 5-course Valentines menu for you and your loved one!

    More info:

    Where? Zeeburgerdijk 52


    - Imagine candle light and romantic vibes… Choose a 3-, 4-, or 5-course menu at Impero romano from €35 and let yourself be surprised by the chef. This Italian restaurant has delicious dishes for everyone!

    More info:

    Where? Amsteldijk 25


    - Did you know that we serve a special Valentine’s menu at Restaurant JOOST and Remise47? Dip your finger food in chocolate during your dessert at JOOST or enjoy a 4-course menu at Remise47.


    Restaurant JOOST:
    Where? Vondelstraat 26              

    More info:


    Where? Bellamyplein 47               

    More info:



    Top 3 romantic spots

    - A traditional canal cruise is even more romantic when it’s Valentine’s Day… Rent a Boaty and transform your boat into a picnic spot! TIP: Don’t forget your scarf… or just cuddle up!  

    More info:


    -  Walk through the beautiful botanical garden at Hortus Botanicus. It is one of the oldest botanic gardens in Europe. Maybe you two will even find the mistletoe!

    More info:

    - The Magere Brug is just 10 minutes away from Hortus Botanicus, at the Amstel. Story goes that if you share a kiss at the Magere brug, you will always stay together.  It is also known as Amsterdam’s Kissing Bridge and it’s a lovely spot for marriage proposals…



    Top 4 romantic dates

     - Speaking of marriage… Let’s get married for one day! It’s possible at Wed and Walk. Say yes at noon and be divorced by midnight!

    More info:


    - Classic but gold! Go on a romantic date at The Movies. This beautiful cinema was built in 1912. The historical details are still visible.  TIP: Have dinner at Tavenu before heading to the film!

    Tickets & info:                     
    Where? Haarlemmerdijk 161


    The concert hall’s famous Main Hall is not only beautiful, but even one of the best in the World.  On Valentine’s day the historic hall will be transformed into a pink cloud, where you and your lover will enjoy music of the most amazing musicians. TIP: there is also a free lunch concert!

    Price: from € 35
    Tickets & info:
    Where? Concertgebouwplein 10


    -  Visit the open stage of Open stage storytelling night! It is a guarantee for a night full of fun, love and laughter!  Everyone is welcome and entrance is based on donations.

    Where? Veemkade 576

    • Bruidssuite-3