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Tips by Arjen, owner of Vondel Hotels

01 January 2020

Arjen van den Hof is a true local. As the owner of Vondel Hotels and resident of Amsterdam,
he knows the city at its best! Every month he personally collects tips to make your stay in Amsterdam even better!



1. Nationale Tulpendag
On Saturday the 18th you can pick up your own tulips - for free - from the specially constructed picking garden and bring spring a welcome touch. 

Where?  Dam
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2. Oudemanhuispoort  
In this alleyway you will find a daily book market where secondhand treasures such as books, posters, maps and sheet music can be found. Cash only. 

Where? Oudemanhuispoort



3. Fondue Van De Kaaskamer
For those who never get sick of cheese: here you eat the most tasty French, Swiss and Dutch fondue.

Where? Gosschalklaan 7 
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Delicious mussels, veggies and fries for an even more delicious price!

Where? Rozenstraat 12
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5. Sukha Amsterdam
One of the best-known concept stores in town. Handmade products with an eye for the maker and the environment. 

Where? Haarlemmerstraat 110 
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6. Sale 
As most fashion stores start their winter sales the day after Christmas, January is the perfect time for shopping. 

Where? Amsterdam 



7. IMPRO Amsterdam
International festival of improvissation theatre. Late night shows, talks, workshops, open stage, performances and after-party! 

Where? Kloveniersburgwal 50
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8. Stedelijk Museum 
Exhibition about Chagall, Picasso, Mondriaan and other artists who lived the first half of the last century in the art centre of the world: Paris. 

Where? Museumplein 10
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Where? Europaplein 22
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