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    3x city spa's

    12 october 2017

    Done with the busy city life of Amsterdam? Need time to relax and enjoy your holiday at Amsterdam? Go to one of the city spas. After visiting you will feel refreshed. A top 3 is made for you:

    1. Massage Boutique

    You are just one step away from feeling amazing! The massage techniques of the Massage Boutique will help you relax and give your body the peace it needs to feel and experience life at its best. Go here and experience the peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Amsterdam. 

    Address: Gravenstraat 22 (city-centre)

    2. Rein City spa

    Offers many different beauty treatments for women, men and teenagers and mainly makes use of organic products. The people who work here guarantee top quality and are always up to date with the newest trends. Rein Cityspa makes you feel completely relaxed!

    Adress: Jan Evertsenstraat 52 – 54 (Amsterdam-West)

    3. Sauna Deco

    A unique spa located on the canals of Amsterdam. Rest, relaxation combined with style, ambience and Art Deco. When you walk into this building it feels like you are in paradise. Sauna Deco is known for the ultimate relaxation with a chic touch. Next to the saunas and swimming pool you can also enjoy relaxing massages and beauty treatments. 

    Address: Herengracht 115C (city-centre)




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